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SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is quality writing, and that’s what we provide you with.

SEO copywriting is both a key element and a big challenge in every SEO strategy. As search engines spider web pages, the content of your website should be fine-tuned to the – ever-changing – algorithms of search engines. You should also write clearly so that your audience both enjoys and understands your website. And we know that readability ranks.

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What is SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting has traditionally been about optimizing web page copy by targeting keyword phrases in certain frequencies and densities. And yet search engine research shows that most of the factors that determine how a web page is ranked in a search engine are based on things that happen off the page itself.

We perform special keyword research which is very crucial, search engine algorithms have evolved. Google treats the trust and authority of your domain, what others think about your content, and the words they use to describe it in links as an important indication of quality and relevance.

Our SEO Copywriting Services Includes:

  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Blogs
  • Website Content

What Make SEO Copywriting So Important

But the thing is, SEO copywriting is much more than just inserting key-phrases into content: Google also wants to see authoritative content that fully answers your readers’ questions and stands out from competing content.

Some people believe you can shove a bunch of key phrases into the content and still get a high ranking (commonly known as “key-phrase stuffing.”), Not anymore.

SEO copywriting serves two masters

Google has gotten smarter, and things have changed. Now your content needs to be high-quality content for Google to position it in the top spots. So in actuality, your content satisfies two masters. On the one hand, your readers need to love it. Your content needs to be relevant and a resource your readers enjoy something that educates, entertains or enlightens them.

On the other hand, Google needs to see the content written in a certain way to understand what the page is about. Understanding how to make this happen helps your content “compete” with other pages for rankings. This is where we YoTitan’s SEO copywriting service come into action.

Success Stories

With our SEO Copywriting Service, we have delivered the best in class services for brands, celebrities, corporates, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and individuals.

YoTitan’s Special SEO Copywriting

Thriving in your online business means that you must go beyond simply “writing content.” Your content needs to accomplish two goals: first, appeal to the end-user (customers, clients, prospects, readers, etc.) and second, solve a particular problem, and that’s what we at YoTitan provide you. Personalized efforts for you and your brand

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